ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
May 18, 2007
Oregon State University - Cascades Campus, Bend

The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report

Attendees:  President Janeanne Rockwell-Kincannon (WOU); Vice-President Stephanie Michel (UP); OUS Rep Maureen Kelly (OSU-Cascades); Private College Rep John Repplinger ( Willamette); Member-at-Large: Robin Paynter (PSU): and ACRL-OR Communications John Pollitz, (OSU).

By Phone: Past President Barbara Valentine (Linfield); Member-At-Large Lori Robare (UO).

Absent:   College Rep Theresa Yancey (CCC, maternity leave); Members-At-Large Eliz Breakstone (UO) and Dan Kelley (Lewis and Clark); State of Oregon State Library Rep Robert Hulshof-Schmidt (attending conference).


Meeting Called to Order by Janeanne at 1:40


Meeting Minutes
Janeanne made these clarifications to the 2/23/07 minutes:

-- The ACRL-OR fund balance will be made more transparent to members.
-- OLA is launching a MLS $17,000 scholarship program to fund multiple people per year, not to give a single scholarship/year.

The minutes were approved. 


General Business

Janeanne reported that the 2008 conference date is set for Oct 23/24 (there are 5 weekends in 2008). A 10% deposit is required and has been made for the conference ($350).

Menucha is changing it's way of billing and Janeanne distributed a spreadsheet. The registration fee will be based on actual costs set per attendee. 
Menucha Registration Stats:
- Maximum of 97 places
- Average cost: $38.74 (building cost) does not include costs for Board
- $25 cost for people who are not using lodging but are day users
- Drop-ins pay $15.50 facility fee
- 3 consecutive meals cost $30.00
Additional costs include:
--- ACRL snacks
--- Speaker costs
There was a discussion of pricing models of the dormitory style rooms (Wright) vs. the service style (Creevey) rooms. 

ACRL Fund Balance: What is the best way to use these funds to support the membership?
The ACRL-OR budget balance is $18,930.06 as of the 1/31/07 report, which is the last available. OLA is working on an update of the budget.

Currently ACRL-OR is funding these projects :
-- Menucha & Pack Forest Conferences – 2 scholarships are given each year
-- Legislative Day: $1000 is given to fund attendance
-- The ACRL-OR President is funded to attend ALA each year
-- $1000 was given to sponsor ALA Emerging Leader designate Kate Gronemyer for travel to 2 national conferences. This is a new national program and it is unknown whether it will be repeated and/or whether ACRL-OR will choose to continue funding

Brainstorming ideas for possible funding
-- Research Awards/Grants
--Travel Grants  
-- Continuing Education

A discussion of various types of continuing education that might be funded ensued: Online programs via BCR, ACRL, ALA; Workshops around the state that ACRL-OR could sponsor, e.g., for cataloguers on digital library development; Scheduling workshops immediately prior to OLA (it was pointed out the timing would interfere with OLA attendance).

Questions concerning how to sponsor online access in a timely manner were considered. As the logistics of hooking up scholarship winners to desired programs seemed to become more convoluted, Stephanie proposed that the easiest solution was simply to cut a check and let the recipient pick the continuing ed program he or she wished to pursue.  Robin will investigate further.

The board hopes to have some kind of a research award/travel grant/continuing ed program in place by fall 2007.  It will be an effective promo for recruiting members. 
Question: How many Oregon librarians are part of ACRL national but are not members of ACRL-OR? There is a new ALA sign-up option that allows ALA national to send membership information to ALA state affiliates.
Janeanne will look into this and we'll see if the numbers are significant and worth pursuing.

The key questions for ACRL-OR to address in terms of funding for scholarship/travel/continuing ed are:
1) At what level?
2) To what purpose?

ACRL Strategic Plan Implementation Report
Janeanne noted that the national ACRL leadership would like the state chapters to participate in the strategic plan initiative that is outlined its website:

 Janeanne has filled an extensive questionnaire regarding it. The broad outline is as follows:
1. Strategic Area: Higher Education & Research
Goal Areas

2. Strategic Area: The Profession
Goal Areas
Continuous Learning
Information Technology

Janeanne talked about the goal area of Information Technology and the strategic objective:

Build ACRL’s capacity to partner with other technology oriented higher-education organizations to develop standards and best practices for managing digital libraries and digital library practices.

Discussion followed, tossing around ideas about collaboration with IT; the possibility of giving grants for collaboration; Clifford Lynch; Data librarians/preservationists/synergies; funding high powered speakers; funding an Academic Librarian of the Year Award.

Legislative Day
Robin reported on her "fantastic experience"  at ALA's National Library Legislative Day in Washington, DC, May 1 & May 2.
She said it was in support of LSTA funding at the level of the President's request. Her delegation met with Sen. Smith's aide. Robin was impressed by Rep. Blumenauer, who met with the Oregon delegation in person.  He told them they sold themselves short, that they needed to ask for more, "librarians actually mean something to people on the hill”  because they are an older group that respects librarians.
-- Oppose DOPA(H.R. 1120) and S.49.
-- Freedom of information Act passed re archiving E-mail records 
-- There is some debate over whether congressional research reports should be made available for free, but Pelosi is against it, feels it would hinder congressional members in freely seeking information
-- Robin said she will send out a copy of her report

Related discussion:
What is the role of the ACRL-OR legislative contact? Should we work in partnership with the ACRL-WA legislative rep (Rachel Bridgewater)? Should we have a joint newsletter?  

The pros/cons of duplicate & triplicate distribution of a newsletter were debated: We could distribute a newsletter through MemberClicks, which is a new system and still a work in progress; we could also distribute through Libs-OR & ACRL-NW.  But getting  duplicate & triplicate copies may be too annoying for members.

Decision: Before the next board meeting, Janeanne will contact the current liaison, Kate Gronemyer, and they will discuss and clarify her role.

National ACRL has its list of advocacy priorities listed under Washington Watch

OLA 2007 Conference
John Repplinger reported on the conference evaluations, which were filled out in print format.  In general the news is good, the ACRL sponsored programs were well attended and almost all the programs received excellent to respectable ratings, between a 1 to a 1.5.

The least attended program was the ACRL preconference, Power of Persuasion, with an attendance of 15.  Participants enjoyed the Willamette University Atkinson professor who spoke at the morning session. ACRL did not make money on the program due to the costs included in covering speaker travel & honorarium, attendee meals & breaks. The highest attendance was for John's own Googlezation of Information program with well over 80 attendees.
2008 Joint OR/WA Conference Sharing more than a border
John mentioned we need to start thinking about the 2008 conference -- program proposals are due August 15, 2007. Janeanne asked John to update  last year's ACRL survey that asked for ideas/comments for OLA conference programs -- what programs are people interested in attending?   Following last year's survey recommendations for programs proved very successful, and the interest level indicated in the survey closely mirrored the attendance at the conference. John will put together another survey and sent it to the board.  There was some discussion about how to distribute it.  It can go to a variety of listservs: OLA, MemberClicks, acrl-nw.  We could also have a web page.
Question: Will there be limitations because there is no ACRL presence in WLA?  Will this limit sponsorship?  ACRL-OR can sponsor a minimum of 2 programs and accept 3-5 in addition to those.
Brainstorming for Program Ideas
-Send a message thanking everyone for last year's program ideas
-Next generation catalog (UW WorldCat)
-Academic preparation for a statewide read Sesquicentennial
-Web 2.0 & beyond
Maureen volunteered to be the liaison for the ACRL Board to the OLA Program Committee 2008.

Oregon Reads 2009! Celebrating 150 years of Oregon's Statehood
Janeanne reported that OLA President Sarah Beasley would like ACRL-Or role to consider its role in Oregon Reads 2009, promoting
Stubborn Twig: Three generations in the life of a Japanese- American family by Lauren Kessler

The academic division would lead an effort such as developing a curriculum around the book, to be completed by the summer of 2008.
What kind of promotion should we do?
Discussion followed: Is it more K-12?  Book clubs?  Possibly we could sponsor buying some books and book packets

Robin noted that PSU has had a strong connection with Multnomah County Libraries Everybody Reads program, and that Kimberly Willson-St. Clair is an excellent person to contact for “book talks in a bag”.

Decision: Yes, we are interested and we want to discuss how to do this by talking with the membership, redistributing the message, asking informally around campus and considering specific classes.  Also, does Sarah have specific ideas?
Other News                                                  
- Stephanie Miller took over OLA website management in May

- Kate Gronemyer gave Janeanne her Emerging Leaders Report.  Janeanne will send out the link to it.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted, Maureen Kelly 6/8/07