ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
May 21, 2010
Corban College


Present: Rachel Bridgewater, Steve Silver, Garrett Trott, Laura Zeigen, Miriam Rigby, Robin Paynter, Margaret Mellinger, and Jane Scott


Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.


Approval of the February Minutes: Minutes were corrected by adding Miriam Rigby's name to the list of members present. Minutes were approved as corrected.


  • Congratulations to Board member Camilla Gabaldon on the birth of her son.
  • Helen Spalding, PSU University Librarian will be retiring as of 9/15/2010.
  • PSU’s library will soon have a coffee cart featuring Stumptown Coffee.
  • Janet Crum, prior Systems and Administration Librarian at OHSU, has begun her new job as Library Director for the City of Hope in southern California.
  • OSU has several job openings for librarians
  • Steve Silver's sabbatical in the summer of 2011 will be spent researching the history of Northwest Christian University's rare book and bible collection. His findings will be part of the University’s observance of the 400 year anniversary of the King James Version of the English Translation of the Bible completed in 1611.


Budget Update:For the period of 9/2010 to 4/2010, expenses have exceeded income by $128.00. The board was reminded that the budget is a two-year budget. Income is generated through the OLA and Menucha conferences and OLA was not held this year due to PLA being held in Portland.


IL Summit: The OLA association manager, Shirley Roberts, created a separate account for the IL Summit which worked well for management of the event’s cash flow.


Award for Excellence: A call went out for nominees for the Award for Excellence. The sub-committee for evaluating the nominees consists of the President, Rachel Bridgewater, the Past President, Garrett Trott, and at least one other board member. Robin Paynter volunteered to serve in that capacity and Rachel added Tracy Scharn at Tracy's request to serve in some capacity. Nominations will be accepted until July 23, 2010 and then the committee will meet to make a decision.


ACRL Elections: The slate for the positions of VP Elect and 2 Members at Large has been made available to the membership.  Voting will close on May 31st and one more email reminder will be sent out. 


OLA 2011: ACRL-OR sponsors programs of interest to the academic library community in particular as well as creating pre-conference offerings that are of interest to the wider library audience. Sponsorship includes vetting the offering, introducing the program at the conference, and helping with the evaluations.


Pre-conferences are usually revenue generators. Most pre-conferences have a sign-up of 40 – 60 people with the potential to generate $1,000.00 or more in revenue. Ideas were generated for pre-conference offerings. Board members volunteered to investigate those ideas in which they had an interest or knew of someone who might be a presenter.


It was suggested that ACRL be more proactive in terms of soliciting programs to sponsor for OLA. Therefore, it was determined that program ideas should be generated and suggested via the blog and other publicity venues to spark interest in the kinds of programs that ACRL-OR would like to see at the conference.


E-Learning: Thus far three sites have been identified as willing hosts for E-Learning presentations: Chemeketa, SOU, and OSU. Robin Paynter, Margaret Mellinger, and Laura Zeigen agreed to form an E-Learning sub-committee to work on the rest of the logistics. The details will include: timing, programming, publicity, and hosting. The E-Learning programs will be chosen from the schedule of podcasts published by ACRL National.


Menucha: The majority of the meeting was spent continuing to plan the Menucha Conference. The final planning will be done via email. Rachel will add volunteers to conference committees via the wiki.


The next meeting will be held on Friday, August 6, 2010 at OSU. Margaret Mellinger will email the Board with appropriate information.


Meeting Adjourned at 4:05p.m.
Respectively Submitted
Jane Scott