ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
May 20, 2011
Portland State University

Present:  Members Present – Michele de Silva, Emily Ford, Anna Johnson, Robin Paynter, Diane Sotak, Steve Silver, Joan Petit, and Jane Scott

  • Members Absent: Rachel Bridgewater, Kate McGann
  • Members Calling in – Jennifer Nutefall, Miriam Rigby, and Margaret Mellinger
The meeting was called to order at 1:00pm by Jane Scott.  The minutes from the February meeting were unanimously approved as written. 

Budget Review 

Jane passed out the updated 2-year budget as well as the transaction level detail report itemizing the debits and credits for the same 2-year period.  Our goal had been to only spend what we made in this time frame maintaining the $10,000.00 cushion we have in the bank.  We have managed to keep our expenses in line with our actual income and therefore should finish this budget cycle accomplishing our goal. 

The Budget report led to questions about how to do E-Learning so we began discussing how we could acquire sponsorship for ACRL created E-Learning. There were a number of suggestions made and several models put forward including: garnering vendor sponsorship either shared among a number of vendors or all from one vendor, having academic institutions share the cost of sponsorship, or sharing the cost among the Washington and Oregon associations with additional vendor or school support. 

It was agreed that we needed a way to brand the information concerning E-Learning (advertising on the blog, in emails, and on the website) with logos of supporting vendors or institutions.  It was also agreed that we needed to be able to count the number of people who access the E-Learning so we can note in future advertising the number of people who saw the logos of the companies or institutions.    It appears that a account would allow us to count the number of people who access the information and provide a redirect to the archived content. 

During the discussion, the board learned that the ACRL E-Learning webcasts are usually only shown once and then archived.  There is no discount for archived webcasts versus live webcasts.  Jennifer Nutefall and a colleague are presenting one of these webcasts. 

Action Items

Jane – contact Washington Board and see if they are interested in doing something like this

Jane – find out how to do a redirect with a account and if ACRL has a different way of getting a count

Robin –draft a letter describing the opportunity to Support E-Learning in the state of Oregon in the areas of assessment, instruction, RDA, reference, etc.  “E-Learning for all of Oregon” or “Oregon Scale E-Learning” were a couple of the suggested tag lines or marketing phrases

Joan –show the letter to the PSU fundraiser to get professional input and suggestions

Board Members – send letters to suggested vendors with which they have ongoing contact: Cambridge Science Abstracts, ProQuest, Ovid, Gale, Elsevier, YBP, Sage, Wiley, EBSCO, OCLC, and Adam Matthew Digital Collections

Update on IL-Summit and OLA-IL Round Table

Kate Rubick reported on the IL-Summit conference.  The conference was held on Friday, April 29th at the PCC Sylvania Campus.  There were 75 paid registrations of $25.00 each (for all day and 2 meals) with 71 people in attendance.  There were 17 presenters and 6 volunteer organizers.  It was a wonderful conference which paid for itself with a small profit.  Kate presented with Robert Monge of SOU about information literacy within the disciplines and the one-shot instruction class which is often seen only as the poor cousin of the 4 credit course.

OLA-IL Round Table

Kate reported on the business meeting of the IL Round Table.  At the meeting in Salem there were 3 attendees.  They discussed proposed by-law changes and elected a Vice Chair, Michele Burke.  This round table has a close relationship with ILAGO whose mission is to support information literacy in Oregon.  Kate sent minutes to all IL Round Table members – there are more members of the round table than were in attendance at the meeting.  Kate also indicated that she would like to give the Round Table time to see if partnerships between ILAGO and OASL can be forged.

Update on National Library Legislative Day

Emily Ford, Legislative Representative, attended National Library Legislative Day in Washington DC earlier in the month.  She will write a wrap-up report for the ACRL Blog.  She said the day in Washington was run very much like the Oregon legislative day; however, you mostly talked with congressional aides and not the senators and representatives themselves.  Initially there were briefings about the ALA positions on various bills and then delegate librarians attended appointments with the Oregon representatives’ and senators’ staff aides. The extension of the Patriot Act was under discussion at that time as well as funding issues including the LSTA funds. 

Action Item

Emily:  to see how to get CapWhiz embedded on our blog page and figure out if ACRL can use it separately from OLA.

Update on OLA Conference

Steve Silver thanked everyone on the Board for doing such a good job of covering all the jobs necessary with Jane sick.  Jane thanked everyone as well.  She was most grateful for the willingness and spirit with which people pitched in to cover all the ACRL responsibilities.  The preconference was well received and had lively interaction and a good exchange of ideas about vendor relationships.  Attendance ended up at about 15-18 people and one student took advantage of the reduced rate. 

The five sponsored presentations included: PCC and textbooks on reserve, Marketing an Academic Library, Turning Qualitative Research into Action, Using Free Web Content: Repackaging, Repurposing, and Aggregating, and Creating Mash-up tools for Collection Development. A compilation of feedback from all sessions was shared and reviewed. Feedback was positive and complimentary.  There were 15 – 20 people per session.  Diane reminded everyone that these presentations could be viewed on Northwest Central. 

Kate McGann hosted the ACRL social and portions of her report are included here. 

The ACRL Social was held at Bentley’s Grill from 5-7 pm, Wednesday, April 6 at the Grand Hotel in Salem.  This was the day OLA Pre-Conferences are held.  Extensive publicity went out to Oregon Library Listservs and OLA members inviting them to this event.  In addition, those who were attending an OLA Pre-Conference were encouraged to attend.

ACRL provided a variety of hors d'oeuvres and attendees paid for their beverages.  Jane Scott arranged for a credit card payment of final bill with Bentley’s manager.  Kate McGann acted as ACRL host for the event and other ACRL members and board members helped out.  Jerry Curry, former Oregon State Library ACRL Board member joined the group as well.

The Social was held in a private area that is part of Bentley’s Grill adjacent to their full-service bar.  Bentleys offers a selection of over 500 wines in addition to other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Librarians began filtering in to the event at 5 PM and attendance remained between 15 and 27 throughout the event. 

Librarians from academic, public and school libraries attended as well as some vendors.  The conversation was lively, the hors d'oeuvres delicious, and the atmosphere warm and friendly.  Everyone appeared to be having an exceedingly good time.  The event ended around 7:15 pm and was a very positive kick-off to the OLA Conference. I received thanks from many attendees to ACRL for holding this event.

OLA 2012:

Discussion ensued about the next OLA which will be held in Bend on April 25-26, 2012.  Joan Petit suggested asking Meredith Farkas, the Wiki Librarian, who has just joined PSU as the Head of Instructional Services, if she would be willing to do a pre-conference next year for ACRL.  The board agreed that would be a great idea and Joan will proceed with the invitation.  Joan also suggested that in our advertising to librarians about presentations for next year we suggest the kinds of topics that would interest academic librarians as well what we would like to see at the conference. 

Action Items

Joan – Ask Meredith Farkas to do a pre-conference for ACRL

Robin – to craft announcements for blog and listservs about the next OLA…presentations are usually due in late September

Jane – to find out from Robert if a 2012 conference theme has been established

Update on E-Learning:

Jane reported that the ACRL Virtual Conference had good numbers of people physically attend the sessions held around the state.  PSU had 41 attendees at the various sessions throughout the 2 days.  SOU had 5 people attend multiple sessions.  Signups in advance totaled 13 people with many of those people planning on attending more than one session in the same location.  Locations were OSU (all 3 campuses), U of O, SOU, and PSU.  Thanks to Miriam Rigby for creating a signup sheet using our Google docs account.

Miriam also reported that the final E-Learning Webcast, The Embedded Librarian, had attendance of 15 people with 3 of those folks coming from Lane Community College. 

Jane has sent out all links to membership for all webcasts as well as the Virtual Conference.  These links are good for 1 year from the date of the initial webcast.

Update on Blog

Diane Sotak passed out information on the recent blog activity.  Noteworthy are the top 4 pages for the last 90 days which included:  OLA Annual Conference, ACRL National Conference Virtual Conference, Support MHCC Librarians, and the blog homepage.  Diane has added a liaison tab so folks in various institutions will know to whom to funnel their information. 

Vision 2020 Discussion on the Blog

Robin Paynter has begun to post the elements of vision 2020 for comment.  Board members are asked to comment.  Joan brought up the fact that each post should get some kind of response so that people are encouraged to contribute their ideas.

Award for Excellence Committee

The Award for Excellence is given to an individual or group whose project or ingenuity has significantly improved Oregon academic libraries or librarianship.  The award is presented at the fall conference and then announced at the OLA award ceremony the following spring. The Award Subcommittee is made up of the current President, the past president and two members of the board.  (Rachel and Jane will serve as well as Jennifer and Diane who volunteered) The nominations are opened and publicized beginning the 4th Monday of June. Nominations close the 3rd Friday of July and the winner is announced in late August. 

Action Items

Jane: It was suggested that a letter be directed to Academic Library Directors with regard to this award with the suggestion that they forward the nomination information to the appropriate listservs within their library. 

Robin: Robin noted that she is working with an Emporia library student to create a current list of academic librarians in the state.  She thought they could make a column for directors so that information could be readily used for this purpose. Diane suggested that the current form on the blog be used as a starting point.

ALA Chapters Council Attendee

Margaret Mellinger graciously volunteered to attend the Chapters Council Meeting in New Orleans on Sunday, June 26th 8-10 am, Marriott New Orleans, in Studio 9.  Jane will email her the Chapters Council Newsletter as soon as she receives it.

Report from Nominating Committee

Both Margaret and Michele were thanked for the fine job they did in filling the slate and setting up the software for the elections.  Margaret will send the final election results to Jane and Anna at the close of the day.  Appropriate announcement, notifications, and appointments will then be undertaken.

Other Business

Anna gave the board a brief update of the situation of the MHCC librarians.  The board then discussed how best to be supportive and whether or not a letter of support was the correct avenue. It was decided that board members needed time to consider the best way to be supportive.  Diane volunteered to begin the draft of a potential letter of support.  In the interest of time, it was decided that the decision process would be continued in email after the board had an opportunity to see the drafted letter.

The meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted – Jane Scott

Next Meeting – August 5, 2011 – University of Portland


The OLA Executive Board and the ACRL Oregon Board wrote a joint letter to the MHCC President expressing concern about the potential elimination of faculty librarians and sent it on June 6, 2011.