ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
October 24, 2002
Menucha, OR


The following minutes of the ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting are provided for informational purposes only. This is not intended to be a formal report.

Attending: Heather Ward, Sarah Beasley, Sara Brownmiller, Elaine Gass Hirsch (Recorder), Kris Kern, Carol McCulley, Cheryl Middleton, Carol Resco, Joni Roberts, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Andrew Nicholson (Guest).

I. Thanks. Heather started the meeting by thanking the Board for organizing such a well-received conference.

II. Budget Report. The ACRL-OR budget is in good shape. For details, contact Sara Brownmiller. A question about what the board could accomplish with the financial reserves was raised. Funding scholarships for new librarians to attend the conference was suggested. ACTION: Carol McCulley and Cheryl Middleton will investigate how ACRL-WA and National ACRL handle their conference scholarships.
III. Board Members.

  • Community College Rep. There is currently no Community College Rep on the board. ACTION: Heather has asked Julia Longbrake at Mt. Hood Community College to consider this position.

  • Legislative Rep. Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon is our Legislative Rep.

  • Chapters Council Rep. ACTION: Heather will ask ACRL-WA how they handle their representation on the National ACRL Chapters Council.

IV. Cheryl Middleton volunteered to collate Menucha evaluation results.

V. OLA September Board Meeting.

  • Legislative Agenda not yet formalized. Heather would like to be more aware of legislative issues. Janeanne is our Legislative Rep.

  • Lewis & Clark Commemoration. If interested in participating on this committee, contact Heather.

  • The OLA Board voted to oppose the Family Integrity Act, and support Protect All Oregon Kids.

  • The Board is continuing to explore an OLA Executive Director position and possible affiliation with OEMA.

  • A December teleconference on the Patriot Act is scheduled for December 11 from 12-3 EST. There was a question on where this is being broadcast. ACTION: Joni will find out if it’s being broadcast at Willamette.

  • OLA Charges. Vision 2010. By-Laws. OLA Pres. No charges to discuss at this point.

VI. OLA Annual Conference, April 23-25, 2003, Corvallis.
A. There will be three presentations sponsored by ACRL.

  • Digitizing the Northwest: Cooperative Digital Projects in Oregon (organized by Heather Ward).

  • M-Web: An Experience in Collaborative Cataloging (organized by Bonnie Parks).
  • Patriot Act program co-sponsored with with IF (organized by Cara List). ACTION: Heather will contact Cara about this program, as Cara has been somewhat unresponsive to the Conference Committee with information on this program.

B. ACRL Happy Hour Reception. There was discussion on whether this event will be held from 5-6 or 6-7 on Wednesday, April 23 and whether it will be held on the OSU campus or off campus. ACTION: Elaine will find out what time the OLA Board meets on Wednesday and Cheryl will send information on campus catering costs for the event.

VII. Goals for 2002-2003.

  • More informed/active legislatively. As noted above, Heather would like to be better informed on legislative issues and Janeanne is the ACRL Legislative Rep.

  • Closer ties to ACRL National. As noted above, Heather will ask ACRL-WA how they handle their representation on the National ACRL Chapters Council.
  • Pursue charges from OLA President. No charges from President at this time.

  • E-Reference Project. Sarah Beasley will be the liaison to this project.

  • Other Goals? None noted.

General Membership Meeting began at this point.


Reported by Elaine Gass Hirsch