ACRL-Oregon Board Meeting
October 29, 2009
Pack Forest, WA


Board Members Present: Rachel Bridgewater, Robin Paynter, Garrett Trott, Jane Scott, Diane Sotak, Miriam Rigby, Laura Zeigen, and Steve Silver

Membership Present: Sara Brownmiller, Jean Caspers, Janet Tapper, Isaac Gilman, Julia Longbrake, John Russell, Kate Gronemyer, Uta Hussong-Christian, Tony Greiner, Kerri Goergen-Doll, Kim Read, Margaret Bean, Anna Johnson, Amanda Bird, Marita Kunkel, and Jen Klaudinyi

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm

Each member introduced themselves and indicated their school and board position if appropriate

Approval of Past Minutes

Both the May 2009 Meeting minutes and the August 2009 Meeting minutes were approved.

Award for Excellence

Garrett Trott announced that the award for excellence was awarded to Janet Webster and Michael Boock from OSU for the open access mandate adopted by OSU library faculty on March 6, 2009. Garrett will announce this to the entire attendance as well as give the recipients an opportunity to speak.

Conference Scholarship Attendees

Rachel introduced and congratulated the scholarship attendees: Kim Read from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and Jen Klaudinyi from Western Oregon University.

Survey Report

Rachel asked Garrett to report on the results of the Non- Membership surveys done the spring of 2009.  Garrett reiterated that one of the recurrent themes in the survey was to provide communication to its members.  Discussion had ensued about how to make that transparent to the community.  Two ideas emerged from that discussion.  One was a liaison framework similar to that of Washington ACRL and a blog.

ACRL Oregon Blog

Diane Sotak and Rachel have created an ACRL Blog.  Diane handed out information about the blog including the new website  She asked for a member of each institution to sign up to add news about the happenings at their institution’s libraries to the blog. 

Nominating Committee

Garrett Trott who volunteered to head up the nominating committee was appointed by Rachel.   Any member with suggestions for the new VP and members at large should contact Garrett.

Ways to Get Involved

Rachel talked about ways to get involved in ACRL-OR emphasizing the need for liaisons and contributors to the blog.  It was estimated that there are about 200 academic librarians in Oregon and a little more than half of that number are members of ACRL.

Ideas for the Menucha Conference

Ideas from the board and membership for Menucha themes were as follows:

ROI Return on Investment, Future of Academic Libraries, Information Literacy, Mobile Computing, Qualitative and Quantitative Research for the Academic Librarian, Managing Vendor Relations, and Google and the Academic Library.  Perhaps the theme that received the most flushing out was ROI. Suggestions included assessment of ROI, defining and marketing value to stakeholders, and perception of value by defined stakeholders.

Next meeting will be held at White Stag Building, Portland on December 4, 2009 at pm.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 pm
Submitted by Jane Scott