ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
October 28, 2010
ACRL-OR & WA Joint Conference (Menucha Retreat Center)

Present: Jane Scott, Rachel Bridgewater, Diane Sotak, Anna Johnson, Emily Ford, Joan Petit, Michele DeSilva, Steve Silver, Margaret Mellinger, Miriam Rigby, Robin Paynter, Kate Rubick, and Laura Zeigen

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.


Approval of the Minutes from May 2010 and August 2010:
Motion to approve Minutes from both May and August 2010 Board meetings without changes. Robin / Miriam – motion passed unanimously.

Update on Budget:
No approval of a new budget is needed this year since we’re on a 2-year budgeting process. Jane distributed updated copies of our current budget. Shirley Roberts (OLA Business Manager) sends a copy of account activity to the president so that ACRL can maintain their records.  Our budget this year is currently on target to be balanced with $12K in income and $12K in expenses even with the reduced revenues from lower attendance at Menucha.
There is a reserve as well of close to $10K. 

Update on OLA Conference:
Jane thanked Board members for replying so quickly to emails about ACRL-OR sponsorships for OLA 2011. Our pre-conference has been accepted (theme: “Managing Your Vendors”) and Jane expects our sponsored programs to be accepted as well.

Update on investigation to find a vehicle to support RIG and IL Summit:
Last year we agreed to research a mechanism for ACRL Oregon to support grass-roots groups whose interests are aligned with ours, like RIG and the ILAGO Summit. The OLA parliamentarian suggested that we do this with a Letter of Understanding as opposed to a bylaws change. A Letter of Understanding would outline the relationship, the handling of the funds, and the associated fees for fund management.  Board members reviewed a draft LOU for RIG. OLA pays a business manager to manage the association’s finances, so an additional percentage could be added to Memberclicks fees to pay for the manager’s time dealing with an additional fund. The ILAGO Summit might work under this model or might choose to pursue a similar relationship with LIRT instead of ACRL Oregon. This conversation is also happening at the OLA Board in December. Rachel thanked Jane for consulting with the OLA parliamentarian and OLA board officers. Board members agreed that creating a model for supporting grass-roots efforts bodes well for our future. Send suggestions to Jane, especially for edits to the LOU.
Jane also indicated that she would solicit the services of a pro-bono attorney before the agreement would be finalized.

Update on E-Learning Opportunities:
So far, four group e-learning sessions have been held. Attendance has been impressive (especially considering the limited publicity) with a total of 30 people thus far. That’s 30 people for the price of one! And 130 members received the link in email, which works out to $9.00 per member, which is almost exactly the annual cost of being an ACRL Oregon member. What a deal! We can’t track who watches at a distance, since ACRL uses a single log-in for all remote users, but we might be able to add tracking, so we could gage ACRL Oregon-wide interest in the e-learning events. In addition, it was suggested that we survey membership about which webcasts to offer next.

Finalize Meeting Date for May:
One board member had a conflict with May 20th as a meeting date, but the group agreed to hold the 20th as the date for our May meeting. The Board meeting dates for the rest of this year are as follows: December 10th at U of O (Eugene); February 25th at OSU (Corvallis); April 6-8th at OLA Conference (Salem) - no Board meeting but ACRL will have one pre-conference to host, a reception to host, and most likely 5 programs to introduce; May 20th at Reed College (Portland); August 5th at U of Portland (Portland). All meetings are on Fridays from 12-4pm.

Portland State U will host LOEX-of-the-West in 2014! Congratulations PSU!
The ACRL Oregon blog is one year old tonight! Diane distributed a handout of blog statistics, and included another handout of blog highlights in the participant folders here at Menucha.
Laura and Miriam are working on rescheduling the next RIG meeting so it doesn’t conflict with the next Board meeting on Dec 10th.

The next meeting will be held from 12-4pm on December 10th at the Univ. of Oregon in Eugene. 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:35pm.

Respectively Submitted,
Anna Johnson