ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
September 23, 2011
Oregon State University

PRESENT: Anne-Marie Deitering (presiding), Jane Scott, James Holmes, Jennifer Nutefall, Kate McGann, Isaac Gilman, Amy Hofer, Judith Norton, Robin Paynter.

ABSENT: Michele DeSilva, Stephanie Debner, Kate Rubick

1. Additions/Corrections to the agenda.
Added to New Business: gather feedback for OLA on GoToMeeting’s  performance.

2. August meeting minutes (Vote).
Update needed: OLA is looking to adopt GoToMeeting instead of WebEx as a virtual meeting package.

Motion to accept: Kate; Second: Jennifer; Motion carried.

3. Meeting dates and hosts (Discussion).
  • 10/27/2011. Pack Forest.
  • 12/9/2011. Reed College.
  • 2/17/2012. Oregon State University.
  • 4/25-27/2012. OLA Conference.
  • 5/4/2012. OHSU? Virtual Meeting?
  • 8/17/2012. Portland State University. Conference Room 220J.
  • 10/25/2012. Menucha.
ACTION: Confirm dates/locations in an email discussion (all). Due: 10/15/2011.

4. Bylaw vote (Information sharing).

5. Vice President decision (Vote).
Question: should the board hold a special election to fill the (now) vacant Vice President position, or leave the position vacant for a year.

  • This not a Menucha year, one person less during the planning year is not a significant issue.
  • Recruiting candidates for and running a special election is a significant outlay of the Board’s energy.
  • Primary support for the President comes from the Past President position, which is filled.
Motion to leave the Vice President position open for the 2011-2012 year: Isaac; Second: Jim; Motion carried.

6. Budget Review (Vote).
Brief discussion of the past budget. The board’s projections were correct. No questions on last year’s budget.

Projected budget for the next two year cycle:
  • Reason for the two-year cycle: Because Menucha happens every two years, and it is both the primary income source and the reasons for the most significant expenses.
  • Goal: Keep a cushion of $10,000 in the account. Only spend what we make in the 2 year cycle.
  • Primary changes to the budget:
  • Eliminate support for national conference attendance. These trips used to be mandated for particular board members. The board has shifted to a model where members attending anyway represent the ACRL-OR board at specific meetings.
  • Shift from sending the legislative rep to Legislative Day annually to sending them biennially.
Motion to accept the projected budget: Robin; Second: Jane; Motion carried.

7. Annual Goals.
A. OLA Annual Conference:

1. Proposed preconference session. Jane has been in discussions with Meredith Farkas. She would like to do a half-day session focused on online tools for library instruction. Discussion:
  • Does this seem like a preconference that would draw attendees from public and special libraries?
  • It is important to include active learning and discussion in the session.
  • What kind of technology will be available in the room. How much would it cost to guarantee Internet access in the room?

ACTION: Ask Michele about wireless access in OLA program sessions.(AMD). Due: 10/15.

ACTION: Show the current description to public librarians and ask how/if it can be framed to appeal to that audience. Due: 10/15.

Jim: Juliet Morefield.
Judith: Public library directors.
Kate. State Library Library Development Group.

2. Conference programs session brainstorm:
  • Copyright.
  • Copyright/DRM in delivery systems (CMS)
  • Copyright panel including librarians and non-librarians.
  • Google Books/ Hathi Trust.
  • RIG members discussed a Grant Writing panel.

ACTION: Look for speakers for a copyright/intellectual property panel.
ACTION: Check in with RIG grant writing group.

3. Social events. Jane is talking to Lisa Sjoblom. There are no competing events on Wednesday night.

B. Menucha 2012. Speaker/Theme brainstorm:
  • Intellectual Property. Lewis Hyde (author: Common as Air).
  • Return on Investment - calculations for academic libraries. Megan Oakleaf. Build locally on the larger ACRL conversation about the value of academic libraries.Reframing the “crisis in academic libraries” to opportunities.
  • David Lankes (Atlas of New Librarianship).Barbara Fister -- rethinking the first-year research paper or research writing for undergraduates.
  • Qualitative research methods workshop was very popular. Maybe a broader view of research methods. More broadly: research and assessment methods. Lisa Kramer, possible presenter.
  • Menucha: As Academic As We Want to Be
  • An idea that captures much of the above -- look broadly at the value the library brings across the continuum of scholarly activity:
  • undergraduate research & research writing
  • academic work throughout the university
  • librarian conducted research/ assessment

ACTION: AMD will start an email discussion on this theme, and the board will move into a discussion of speakers to pursue. Due: 10/31/2011.

C. E-Learning partnerships:
  • Jane discussed the idea with ACRL National. Margot was supportive of ACRLOR partnering with ACRL-WA or with universities. ACRL will honor their 3 for 4 deal with either of those partnerships.
  • Partnering with both universities and with ACRL-WA will double our ability to offer programming.
ACTION: Contact SOU (Jane). Due: at Pack Forest.
ACTION: Contact Erica Coe (Jane). Due: at Pack Forest.
ACTION: Contact OSU (Jennifer). Due: at Pack Forest.
ACTION: Contact OHSU (Judith). Due: at Pack Forest.

D. Membership initiatives:
  • Last meeting: discussed using the blog/liaison system to push information to members. Send letters to people who renew. Send letters to academic librarians who are not currently members.
  • Project: develop a database of Oregon academic librarians. Robin reported that Judith and Jim have joined the project. The group has divided up the list of academic libraries in the state and is in the process of building a spreadsheet. Target completion date: the end of the year. When the spreadsheet is complete, we can send an outreach letter to all academic librarians.
  • Discussed updating the membership survey from 3 years ago.
  • What kind of value can we offer to new members:
  • sponsorship
  • enter to win
  • buddy system/ mentorship program.
  • Use the liaison system: liaisons could let us know when people are hired, so the board can proactively contact them about membership in ACRL-OR.
  • Targeting LIS students.

8. Continuing Projects
  1. Blog/liaison program. Isaac and Judith now have administrative rights on the blog. Diane passed on her knowledge.
  2. Legislative input. No report.
  3. Scholarships (Pack Forest). Now that the budget has been passed we can move forward on scholarships. Robin will send out the notice that applications are being accepted.
    • Scholarship applications will be due 10/7.
    • Anne-Marie and Amy will read applications.
    • Anne-Marie will get the applications from Memberclicks and pass on to Amy.
  4. Award for Excellence. Committee selected the Oregon Digital Newspaper project.

    UO will select a representative to attend the Pack Forest meeting and accept the award. The ACRL-OR board will pay for one team member to attend Pack Forest.
ACTION: Jane and AMD will notify the winners. Due: 9/30.
ACTION: Jane and AMD will let Robin know when it is appropriate to notify the membership of the award.

9. Reports
Completed in Continuing projects.

10. New business.
Pack Forest. Registration is open. Our board can come early Wednesday night to go to dinner with the Washington board and then spend the night. Jane will be in attendance. ACRL-WA needs a headcount of who else will be there.

ACTION: Let Jane know by Monday if you will be up on Wednesday night.
GoToMeeting worked well.
Several board members had previous experience with it.
Meeting Adjourned at 3:00pm.
Respectfully submitted by Anne-Marie Deitering