The OLA Development and Legislation Committee is concerned with the future of access to legal information across the state.  The county law libraries serve each county with wide variation in funding, expertise and access.  The State Law Library serves the State Court system as well as being a resource for the state.  Our public and academic libraries have varying capacities to provide legal information.  Funding for the county law libraries remains tenuous if not threatened.  Consequently, OLA has formed a task force to efficiently draft a proposed statewide legal information system that would provide equitable access across Oregon.

The OLA Task Force on Statewide Access to Legal Information has examined the following as we envision the future:

  • Communication option for users that provides access to resources as well as expertise
  • Licensing and purchasing of legal resources that fill basic needs as well as options for more expansive resources
  • Training and outreach to the library community involved in serving users of legal information
  • Management of electronic access through portals and other mechanisms
  • Administration of the proposed system

We identified major issues, discussed options for addressing those issues and described pros/cons of the options.

The TF submitted a final report to the OLA Development and Legislation Committee and the OLA Executive Board on January 30.

  • MaryKay Dahlgreen    (State Library)
  • Cathryn Bowie    (State Law Library)
  • Martha Renick     (Marion County Law Library)
  • Holly Gerber   (Washington County Law Library)
  • Diana Hadley        (Douglas County Law Library)
  • Sara Charlton      (Tillamook County Library)
  • LaJean Humphries   (Schwabe WIlliamson & Wyatt)
  • Kelly Reynolds   (University of Oregon Law School)
  • Pam North   (Sherwood Public Library)
  • Janet Webster     (OLA, Oregon State University Libraries)
  • Mike Eliason        (Assc. Of Oregon Counties)

Meeting dates:

10/31, 11/5, 11/26 all from 10-12 at the State Library in Salem

A meetings of the sub-committee was held virtually  on January 4th.

A final meeting of the Task Force was held virtually on January 14.  The final report serves as minutes.

Meeting notes as soon as possible after each meeting.

Janet Webster, OLA's Development and Legislation Committee, chaired the Task Force.

These resources provide useful background and food for thought.

Examples from other states:

OLA Legal Reference Roundtable

Directory of Oregon County Law Libraries

Resources on Unauthorized Practice of Law

Contact Janet Webster for more information or with suggestions for additional resources.