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President: Jennifer McKenzie                 [email protected]
Secretary: Jenny Takeda                        [email protected]
Treasurer: Kristina Cevallos                   [email protected]
President-Elect: Amy Page                   [email protected]
Past President: Ayn Frazee                   [email protected]
Members-at-LargeLaura Axon, Elaine Ferrell-Burns

List of Past Presidents


Region I Rep:  Vacant
Region II Rep:  Lori McGreal
Region III Rep:  Jill Myers
Region IV Rep: 
Laura Axon
Region V Rep:  Vacant
Region VI Rep:  Delia Fields
Region VII Rep:  Jessica Lorentz Smith
Higher Ed Rep:  Pam Kessinger
Classified Library Staff Rep:  Gigi Michaels
Committee Chair from each of the following Board Committees - designated by **

Note: Only Committee Chairs (designated by **) are OASL board members.

Accounts Committee

Google: Kate Weber
Listserv:  Andee Zomerman
Membership:  **Kate Weber

Advocacy Committee
Advocacy: **Jean Gritter

Publishing Committee

Newsletter Editor:  **Kate Dutro
Promotions: Jean Gritter
Website Editor:  Melissa Blount

Reading Engagement Committee
Chair: **Elaine Ferrell-Burns
Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award:  Libby Hamler-Dupras
Intellectual Freedom:  Marie Felgentrager
Oregon Battle of the Books: Elaine Ferrell-Burns
Oregon Reader's Choice Award:  Ellen Pederson

Recognitions Committee
Awards:  Eila Overcash
Connie Hull Award:  Past President
Scholarships: **Ann Poteet

Teaching & Learning Committee
Chair: **Leigh Morlock
OSLIS:  Molly Sloan
Standards:  Leigh Morlock

LIAISON TO THE BOARD (non-voting attendees)

State Library of Oregon:  Jen Maurer
Oregon Dept. of Education:  Tina Roberts