Connie Hull Mini Grants

Do you have an idea you would like to try out in your school library to promote literacy and student achievement? Have a new activity you want to implement at your school?  Want to try out that idea you have for a parent-child book club, a student storytelling festival, a visual literacy activity, or that intriguing collaborative project germinating in your brain. 

Check out this video interview in which Keely Nudo (Scappoose School District) and Kate Dutro (Reynolds School District) discuss their 2023 Connie Hull Mini Grants and the grant process. Keely's grant focused on nonfiction collection development to support new curriculum, while Kate's grant focused on student reading engagement. Be inspired to apply for your own grant!

On behalf of the Connie Hull Endowment Fund, Oregon Association of School Libraries (OASL) offers a unique opportunity for current OASL members to apply for one of two $1000 mini-grants designed to promote literacy through an activity or program in a strong school library program.

Who is eligible? 

  • A Connie Hull Mini-Grant applicant must be a current member of OASL.
  • Only one Connie Hull Mini-Grant application per member per year may be submitted.  
  • Connie Hull Mini-Grant winners from the immediate previous year are ineligible to apply for the current year.

The application is very simple and the deadline is November 30th now extended to December 15th, 2023!

1. Submit a Connie Hull Mini-Grant cover page, or cover email that includes the following:

  • Grant Proposal Title
  • Your Name
  • School
  • Position
  • School Mailing Address
  • Contact Telephone #
  • Contact Email Address
  • Name of building administrator
  • Signature of building administrator

2. Write a one-page proposal detailing how you would use the grant to promote literacy and academic achievement in your school library.

As this is a blind review, your name or your school name must not appear in this document

Be sure to address the following Selection Criteria that the Connie Hull Board considers: 

    • Value in promoting literacy - 10 pts
    • Tie to OSLIB standards - 5 pts
    • Extent of project impact - 10 pts
    • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion support - 5 pts
    • Clarity and completeness of the proposal - 6 pts
    • Sustainability of project after grant funds are expended - 10 pts

See full rubric here!

3. Prepare an itemized expense sheet to detail materials and costs associated with your request for grant funds.

4. Forward your completed application (and any questions to):  [email protected]