A wild and intense afternoon of book discussions ending with an attempt to guess which release from the previous year will win ALA's Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature!

 When and where:

Paused for 2024

Plans for 2025 will be announced in Fall 2024.




In 2024, the committee chose not to have a Mock Printz event. Here is a list of books we recommended for those interested in reading what we consider Mock Printz worthy books!

Teen readers:

We do love to have teen readers at the Mock Printz. We celebrate them. We listen to them. Teen participants have to be willing to read the books (or read most of the books) and then spend a day talking intensively with other teens and adults about books. That's a "not for me" proposition for a lot of teens, but for just the right people, it is MAGICAL.

So, ask around. Maybe you'll find a couple of students who are up for giving it a try!

--Sonja Somerville  [email protected]


Here is some graphics you can download and use to invite students on social media or through email:

Image (square png)

PDF Flyer (8.5x11 letter sized paper)

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