ACRL Oregon Board Meeting
August 5, 2011
University of Portland

Welcome and Introductions

All current, incoming, and outgoing members of the Board introduced themselves. 
  • Current board members present: Jane Scott, Jennifer Nutefall, Diane Sotak, Steve Silver, Margaret Mellinger, Kate McGann, Emily Ford, and Robin Paynter. 
  • Incoming board members present: Judith Norton, Amy Hofer, and Jim Holmes.
  • Current board members calling in –Miriam Rigby and Michele deSilva
  • Representative from RIG – Laura Zeigen

Jane thanked all Board members who would be retiring from the Board.  She expressed how much she appreciated their service.

The board unanimously approved the draft minutes from May.  Robin was asked to remove “draft” from the minutes on the website as well as attach the letter written to the Mt. Hood Community College President about the situation with the faculty librarians.  The issue at Mt. Hood had been discussed at the last Board meeting and then voted upon via email after members had seen the letter that Diane and Jane drafted for joint submission with OLA.
Jane updated the Board on the current state of the budget indicating we had one month left in the fiscal year – the fiscal year runs from Sept 1 – August 31.   That goal had been to only spend what we were able to make so that we could keep our current 10,000.00 cushion.  Currently the board is on target to accomplish that goal.

Jane indicated that Anna Johnson was resigning as of September 1st and would not be able to become the next ACRL-Oregon President.  Therefore, Anne-Marie Deitering will become the President as of September 1st.  However, Anna’s resignation highlighted the difficulty of replacing a VP/President Elect under the current bylaws.  Jane conferred with the Parliamentarian and it was his considered opinion that we ask the membership to create a bylaw change.  Jane and the Parliamentarian reviewed other wording for the vacancy process and crafted appropriate language. Jane reviewed the process of putting before the membership a bylaw change and time frame.  The board voted unanimously to go ahead with that process and agreed with the proposed wording.   Jane, Robin, and Diane were to write the letter to the membership as well as create the ballot.  Results should be known by the September 23rd meeting.

Diane reported about the Blog/Liaison program.  Jane explained that the Board had discussed that this should be the job of a Member at Large.  Both Judith Norton (in person) and Isaac Gilman (via email) said that they would be willing to work on this project.  Judith and Diane were to meet to begin talking about that transition and especially how we might use that vehicle for Membership retention and recruitment. It was noted during the meeting that we have 172 ACRL- National members statewide and yet only about 115-120 ACRL –OR members.  As a part of this discussion, Robin mentioned that she had some discussions with a library school student who seemed anxious for a project and Robin had talked about a current directory of all academic librarians.  Robin said she would get an update on that project as it might be useful not only to recruit liaisons for the blog but also might be helpful for recruiting new members. Jim Holmes said he could help on that as well.


Margaret Mellinger reported on her attendance at the ALA Summer Chapters Council Meeting in June. She discussed the proposal drafted about increased funding to the chapters.  Currently chapters are funded at $1.00 per member and the same formula has been used since the early 90’s.  The proposal suggests tying the funding to the HEPI (Higher Education Price Index). ACRL National is currently running at a deficit so it was uncertain if the proposal would pass. Ongoing discussion was interrupted for the National officers including Mary Ellen Davis and Lisa Henchcliff who came and spoke about various programs and the desire for virtual meetings. Margaret said that she would be willing to do a blog post about her experience.

Laura Zeigen updated the Board on the activities of RIG.  RIG would like to hold their meetings right before the ACRL Board meetings in the future and are exploring the feasibility of doing a future workshop perhaps on the scholarly publishing process.

E-Learning is something that the Board definitely wants to continue.  The ACRL E-Learning Package has worked well and there is continued interest for topics listed.  Jane is to check with the Washington Chapter to see if they are interested in sharing the expense and partnering with us.  Jennifer at OSU and Judith at OHSU were to check and see if their institutions might be willing to sponsor part of the price as well.  Jane was to check with Connie at SOU and see if there is interest at that institution. Jane is also to check with Margot Conahan to be sure that ACRL National will honor two chapters sharing the sponsorship.

Emily Ford reported on the use of CapWiz for sending letters to government representatives on issues of importance to libraries and especially academic libraries.  OLA currently has access to this software and uses it for issues that affect libraries.  ACRL had wanted the ability to have their own letters available within CapWiz such that the academic issues could be highlighted. She will work with Stephanie Debner to pass on the information about CapWiz and the work of the legislative representative.

OLA Conference 2012 was discussed next.  Meredith Farkas has agreed to be our ½ day pre-conference speaker.  The conference theme is Oregon’s Libraries: Right at the Heart of Things. This conference will be held in Bend April 25th to 27th of 2012.  Jane has contacted Liisa Sjoblom to begin the work of the ACRL reception.  Michele deSilva has agreed to represent ACRL on the Program Committee.  Robin agreed to continue to put the word out for solicitations of programs that ACRL could sponsor.

The OLA Executive Board holds an annual planning retreat for the Executive Board each August.  Both Jane and Anne-Marie were in attendance.  The purpose of this retreat is to review the work of OLA over the past year by reviewing the reports each division or round table submits and to look at the coming year in terms of direction and programs. Jane passed around the logo change that OLA has decided upon and suggested that at some point in the future ACRL may be asked to use this logo.  OLA has decided on GotoMeeting as its virtual software.  The software will be tested at the October board meeting and based on a good outcome pricing will be negotiated.  Next will be figuring out how to have the divisions and round tables have access as well. OASL will conclude their process of deciding if their membership will become a division of OLA.  Other projects for the year will include: a task force to consider statewide borrowing, a task force to consider a framework for partnering/working with other groups, creating a mission statement for OLA, and revitalizing the membership committee.

Robin reminded all to respond to the blog posts discussing Vision 2020.  Vision 2020 was talked about in some detail at the October Members meeting at Menucha.  Information about it can be found here

It was decided to extend the deadline for submissions for the Award for Excellence to August 31st.  The committee composed of Rachel, Jennifer, Diane, and Jane will make a decision after all nominations have been received and considered.

The next meeting will be on Friday, September 23rd, from 12 – 4 at OSU.

Pack Forest Dates are October 27th and 28th


Letters of Resignation from Anna Johnson and Joan Petit

Bylaw Change Letter

Respectfully Submitted: Jane Scott