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In order to be considered for the list, books must be published between May 1 of the previous year and April 30 of the current year. Beyond that, only books written in or translated into English will be considered. Whenever possible, the list shall consist of the following:

  1. A wide variety of genres is desirable.  It may include fantasy, suspense, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, romance, sports, adventure, animal stories, growing up, contemporary realism, poetry, and non-fiction.  The following will be mandatory each year: 
    a) At least one non-fiction title
    b) At least three titles published by a non-major publisher
    c) At least three titles published by publisher located in the Pacific Northwest
    d) At least three trade collections of comics originally released as separate issues
    e) At least three titles created in the manga style
    f)  At least three titles should be published by a major publisher
  2. A variety of books for younger and older teens must be included. 
  3. A balance between male and female protagonists is desirable.
  4. Only one book per author, per genre will be included.
  5. Only one title in a series will be considered per year (it does not need to be the first volume).
  6. The list should reflect multicultural diversity.

Votes for favorite titles can be submitted by email prior to June 1st before the Summer Membership meeting, where those votes will be tallied along with those cast by attendees at the meeting.  In order to vote for a title, the voter must have read the book.

The list is then published and made available for reproduction from the OYAN website.

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