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OLA Board 2023-2024 Focus Areas & Presidential Priorities

OLA Units Contract Procedure

OLA Board / Leadership Orientation Videos
OLA website, Personify/Memberclicks, financials, etc.

OLA Board Positions 2020-21

OLA Board Election Timeline, 2014_02 (pdf)
OLA Succession Plan for OLA Association Manager

Membership Brochure (pdf) 

OLA Unit Listserv Instructions


Zoom Virtual Meeting Scheduling Instructions  ( eff 10/28/20)


Just Say Yes List (pdf)


OLA Letterhead

OLA Board Meeting Schedule Template

OLA Board Meeting Reimbursement Form  (Personnel Expenses)

Documents Provided by OLA Parliamentarian
1.  OLA Parliamentary Practices
2.  OLA Organizational Chart explanation


OLA Nominating Committee
1.  Guidelines & Potential Board Candidates

OLA Nominating Committee Report 2015 (Guidelines & Potential Board Candidates)

OLA Nominating Committee Guidelines and Potential Board Candidates, 2013_06  (pdf)

 2. OLA Officer Position Descriptions

     VP/President/Past President
     ALA Councilor / Virtual Meeting (VM) Coordinator

3.  OLA Previous Boards



    Pre 2014 


OLA Working with Outside Groups
Outside Group – General Policy in Bylaws/Procedure manual
Chapter 44 of the Procedures Manual:

Zoom (Virtual Meeting Software) Sharing Procedure - pdf

Management System Software Sharing Procedure - pdf

Letter of Understanding for working with outside groups



Oregon Library Association Graphic Usage Guide & Logo(s)

This section holds the OLA Graphic Usage Guide and logo in 17 different sizes and formats.

When choosing a logo, consider the following:

--A vector file is the first choice for reproducing the logo in print whether on paper, on a banner, a coffee mug or a tote bag.  Vector files can be scaled up or down in size.

--JPG files are familiar to most people and used from the web to email to documents.  JPG files should not be scaled up in size, thus there are several sizes from which to choose.  Though commonly used, a JPG will not produce the crisp, clear image that a vector file will.

There is a section named "basic_set" which has two versions of the logo --one vector and one JPG that will cover many common uses.

The OLA Graphic User guide and following logos were prepared during 2011 by:

Thomas Osborne Design, Inc.
Redmond, Oregon
[email protected] 


 OLA Graphic Usage Guide  (pdf)



1.  Basic set

     - OLA-logo_cmyk.eps  (contact Association Manger for file)

     - OLA_logo_normal.jpg

2.  JPG set

     - OLA_logo_xsmall.jpg

     - OLA_logo_small.jpg

     - OLA_logo_normal.jpg

     - OLA_logo_large.jpg

     - OLA_logo_xlarge.jpg

     - OLA_logo_xxlarge.jpg

3.  JPG set mark only

     - OLA_logo_mark_only.jpg

     - OLA_logo_mark_only_black.jpg

4.  PNG set

     - OLA_logo.png

5.  Vector set

     - OLA_logo_black.eps  (contact Association Manager for file)

     - OLA_logo_cmyk.eps  (contact Association Manger for file)

     - OLA_logo_cmyk.pdf

     - OLA_logo_pms364.eps  (contact Association Manager for file)

     -  (contact Association Manager for file)

6.  Vector set mark only

     - OLA_logo_mark_only_black.eps  (contact Association Manager for file)

     - OLA_logo_mark_only.eps  (contact Association Manager for file)

     - OLA_logo_mark_only.pdf




... and if you have any questions, email [email protected]