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The annual Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN) Book Rave is a list of the best young adult fiction and nonfiction books published in the previous year, as nominated and chosen by library workers across Oregon who provide services for middle and high school-aged youth.


  • To provide libraries across Oregon with a vibrant, reliable, high quality list of recommended fiction and nonfiction purchases for readers of middle and high school age (generally 6th-12th grade)
  • To include a variety of genres (fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, mystery, etc.)
  • To represent a diverse mix of authors and stories, reflecting a mix of cultural, sexual, gender, socioeconomic identities and experiences.
  • To highlight at least 2 books each year written by Oregon authors and/or set in Oregon.

Eligible books:

Must be published between November 1 of the previous year and December 31 of the current year. (*Note: This overlap allows books published later in the cycle to be considered for the following cycle, in the event they were missed because nominators were not yet aware of them.)

  • Books that fall into the eligible window but included in a prior Rave list will not be considered again.
  • Graphic novels, comics, manga, and graphic memoir are not considered for the Book Rave list and are recognized instead on the annual Graphic Rave list.
  • Only one book by an author may be included on a single Book Rave list. In the event that two books by the same author are nominated, only the highest vote-getter will be included.


  • August-December - Call for nominations to OYAN members and others interested through the OYAN and OASL list-servs, Libs-OR list-serv, OYAN blog, OYAN Facebook page, and the Oregon Library Association Hotline
  • December-January - Voting on nominated titles by the OYAN membership through an invitation to current members on Memberclicks
  • January - Bring the results of the voting to the Winter OYAN Membership meeting for discussion/refining as needed
  • January-February - Second round of voting (if needed) to finalize list
  • April - Reveal and distribute final list at the time of Oregon Library Association’s annual conference
  • April-May - Share color and b/w versions the final list through the OYAN website, blog, social media, list-serves, and OLA Hotline
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